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Recent Projects

  1. GenCyberCoin project has been sponsored by the NSA/NSF GenCyber program. GenCyberCoin is an incentive to encourage GenCyber camp students’ participation in camp activities. It teaches about:

    • Cryptocurrency concepts and digital currency trading markets
    • Cybersecurity principles
    • Bug bounty program and software bugs
    • Password management
    • Social and ethical norms and values
    • Blockchain

  2. Inspired by the Computer Science Unplugged project, I recently developed a Capture the Flag (CTF) Unplugged that is an offline cybersecurity competition for K-8 and K-12 schools. CTF Unplugged introduces participants to cybersecurity competitions, shows different cybersecurity careers that they can pursue, and engages into a fun team-based competition without a need for technical preparation. For those who are interested in the project or would like to receive the answers to the CTF Unplugged, please contact me.

  3. Another recent project I have worked on is about developing cybersecurity modules and curriculum for the GenCyber Camp at Tennessee Tech. I led a group at the Cybersecurity Education Research and Outreach Center that designed a month-long cybersecurity summer camp for the K-12 students in June 2016, and a week-long GenCyber camp in June 2017.


I am open for collaboration on various cybersecurity, machine learning, and education projects.

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